Making Trump Parodies Great Again

This is, the online peephole into the final days of Donald Trump and his campaign to become the next president of the United States.

Like him or loathe him (see a shrink for both), we can’t stop watching (seriously, what’s the number for that shrink?). Follow along as we get the inside scoop on the election, and find out what’s next for the man who wants to be president so bad, he’s even promised to reveal the secrets behind his trademark hair style.
HINT: It involves an illegal baboon-breeding program, and a lot of dead baboons.

Donald has a problem taking no for an answer, and we’re not just talking about the last time he and Billy Bush went clubbing.

Top 5 Reasons To Vote Trump
Donald speaks directly to voters about why they should vote for him and somehow only mentions his hair twice.

Trump-VISION: Fact Checking With Donald
Just how weird are Donald’s kids? And is Ben Affleck a good wingman? Donald has started his own vlog to clear up questions like these, and so many more.

A Special Message To Minority and Women Voters
Donald makes a last minute attempt to reach out to black, Latino, and women voters. SPOILER: it goes just about as well as you expect it would.

An Urgent Message To Voters
Do you know when you’re supposed to vote? Donald has all the details on some last minute election changes… but only if you fit a certain demographic.